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Concrete Repair & Crack Injection / Repair

Several forms of concrete defect are possible: water penetration causes the concrete reinforcement to rust and expand up to 8 times its original volume, which in turn creates stresses on the surrounding concrete which can then spall (break away).  Falling pieces of concrete from a structure naturally represent a safety hazard; therefore remedial action should be undertaken at the first signs of spalling or cracking to the structure. 

The use or presence of Chloride based compounds, together with a reduction in alkalinity, can cause corrosion of the reinforcing steel bars then expansion and spalling.

Alternatively, if the cement component is too alkaline, it can react with atmospheric carbon dioxide, and the structure will begin to deteriorate as cracks appear which allow rainwater to penetrate.

The initial cause of concrete cancer is usually water penetration.  When calcium oxide reacts with water that penetrates the concrete it forms a solution of calcium hydroxide, therefore any structure made from concrete is susceptible to concrete cancer.

Some Contributing Causes

  • Poor site practice (during construction)
  • Inadequate concrete cover to the reinforcing steel – new and old existing structures.
  • Cracks caused by shrinkage, expansion and contraction (inadequate expansion joint placement)
  • Carbonation attack and Chloride ion attack
  • Chemical attack
  • Mechanical damage caused by impact
  • Erosion

At Elite Concrete Protection & Repair, we use innovative solutions, techniques and materials to repair concrete structures reinstating the structural integrity and durability of your asset. In certain applications, Hydro-demolition is our preferred method to remove the overlying concrete cover as this process eliminates the heavy vibrations that can be introduced by traditional methods such as jack-hammering. Another relatively recent industry process adopted by Elite CPR, is the inclusion of Cathodic Protection systems in conjunction with traditional concrete repair methods. Sacrificial anodes can be embedded into the repair region for additional and longer lasting protection to the structure, particularly in harsh environments such as coastal regions or mining / process situations.

Whether your enquiry relates to commercial, industrial, mining, marine or residential, Elite Concrete protection & Repair can provide a competitive and innovative solution.

Concrete Protection, Protective Coatings, Waterproofing & Jointing

Along with the repair of concrete and to maintain durability of these structures, a protective coating may need to be applied to further protect your asset from deterioration.

Elite Concrete Protection & Repair can provide solutions for preventing not only chloride and carbonation ingress however we can provide waterproofing and chemical resistant coatings.

Elite has the support from many manufactures offering engineered type coatings specific to prevent chloride and carbonation ingress along with providing a wide range of other waterproofing services.

Concrete Protection & Coatings:

Application of Engineered coatings.  These coatings are typically barriers to protect chloride & carbonation ingress which can lead to costly concrete repairs in the future. Engineered coatings may also be specified to protect steel elements in areas where high levels of corrosion may be anticipated.

Anti Graffiti Coatings. The application of both sacrificial & non-sacrificial anti-graffiti coatings can help facilitate the easy removal of graffiti from structures, walls etc. 

Architectural Coatings & Finishes. These coatings are both functional and decorative, and are generally associated with building façades. The vast majority of these coatings are designated for specific uses such as roof coatings, wall paints, deck finishes etc.

Anti Carbonation and Choride Ion Coatings.  These coatings are not decorative, but are a penetrative applied to concrete structures to “seal” the concrete surface against the ingress of chlorides, salts etc

Industrial Flooring - Epoxy & Cementitious

Epoxy trowel down and roll-on systems are the usual methods to protect concrete floors and other associated concrete structures within the following areas, Industrial kitchens, workshops, sporting venues, schools etc. Other products such as Acid Resistant Vinyl Ester coatings need to be applied to concrete elements in harsh environments such as chemical processing areas within the mining sector.


There are numerous types of Waterproofing systems available in todays marketplace. At Elite Concrete Protection & Repair we are manufacturer / supplier certified to apply the following types of Waterproofing systems. Liquid applied membranes, torch applied, acrylic and polyurethane systems available. These systems will generally be applied to structures such as plant rooms, rooftops & balconies and leaking cracks and joints


There are a wide range of sealants available today for various construction applications such as Car parks / Warehouses i.e. trafficable joint systems, tilt panel Jointing, construction and expansion joints & joint shoulder repairs. Elite Concrete Protection & repair are also able to install high movement Hypalon Type jointing systems for use in tunnels, water tanks, basements, carparks etc.

Building Maintenance

Elite CPR offers services to the commercial building sector maintaining integrity for your facility. Elite CPR will provide waterproofing solutions for roof deck and plant rooms, minor and major structural repair solutions for building facades and also protective coating solutions internal and external to building facades and car parks, high pedestrian areas such as loading docks and walkways. Injection of various types of material can solve tricky water ingress problems in basements, car parks etc. Ports are installed into the problem areas, and products can be injected at pressure to close off leaks and prevent calcites dripping onto cars parked in the area.

Concrete Core Drilling & Patching

In some instances it may be necessary to take some core samples from a concrete structure to determine what is actually going on inside. This may be to determine the depth that chlorides have managed to penetrate, or it may be necessary to determine the depth and direction of a crack visible from the surface.  Elite CPR have the personnel and equipment required to take the core sample, bag up & label the core, send to a laboratory if required and to patch the holes at the end of the job to avoid using two or more contractors.

The installation of new services may also require holes to be cored on site, and redundant steel fixtures can be removed by coring over them and removing along with the core.

Precision and General Grouting - Epoxy & Cementitious;

Elite CPR can offer years of collective grouting experience in a wide variety of applications.

Grouting of machine bases. Once the piece of equipment has been aligned in its correct location, it can be locked in place with the use of epoxy or cementitious grout, which is often referred to as Precision grouting. Other examples of grouting general services we offer are structural steel grouting such as conveyor or railway supports or any other interface between the concrete foundation and the steel structure above. Grout can also be pressure injected to fill unwanted voids in various applications such as a smaller pipe located inside a larger pipe creating an annulus that needs to be filled, or cementitious grout or modified cement products can be pumped under collapsing footings or floors to remediate the problem.

Remedial Construction Application

Elite Concrete protection & Repair can provide a team to take care of the annoying issues associated with honeycombing or blow-holes that can be revealed once formwork has been stripped away. We are able to colour match the repair material in certain applications where oxides have been incorporated in the construction process. We are also able to correct control joints / expansion joints that have gone awry during the construction process.

Structural Strengthening

Elite CPR are able to carry out the application of carbon fibre strengthening strips and sheet wrap systems to reinstate design integrity and / or exceed design strength to accommodate additional load capacities.  This can be a very cost effective solution when it is necessary to beef up a concrete element due to the reinforcing not being installed correctly, or when new apertures are cut into an existing slab and additional strength is required.

Site Surveys

Elite CPR can provide Annual and Bi Annual condition surveys, budgets and estimates to assist with maintenance programming and financial budgets. Elite CPR can provide fully comprehensive reports in conjunction with our engineering consultants creating solid relationships from first enquiry through to project completion.

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