Concrete Repairs

Elite Concrete Protection & Repair use innovative solutions, techniques and materials to repair concrete structures reinstating the structural integrity and durability of your asset. Whether your enquiry relates to commercial, industrial, mining, marine or residential, Elite can provide a competitive and innovative solution.

Contributing Causes

  • Poor site practice (during construction)
  • Inadequate concrete cover to the reinforcing steel.
  • Cracks caused by shrinkage, expansion and contraction (inadequate expansion joint placement)
  • Carbonation attack and Chloride ion attack
  • Chemical attack
  • Mechanical damage caused by impact
  • Erosion

Concrete Repair Overview

Spalling, delaminations and cracks in reinforced concrete are often caused by corrosion of the steel reinforcing bars.
The corrosion process within concrete is commonly referred to as "Concrete Cancer". It is the steel reinforcing which is corroding and produces a by-product generically called rust which can expand up to 8x the volume of the original steel diameter size, creating tensile forces within the concrete strong enough to crack or spall the concrete.

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